Small Animal Boarding | St. Giles Kennels

Small Animal Boarding

We also have small animal boarding facilities at St Giles comprising of individual pens inside a warm building with outside runs attached.

Each pen is set up to cater for our small furry friends, including hay, straw, an igloo and water / feed bowls. We also have a large selection of toys and treats available for your rabbit, guinea pigs or other small guests.

We can cater for tortoises, birds, ferrets, rabbits, rats, mice, hamsters, gerbils, chinchillas, spiders, fish (cold water); we can also cater for reptiles if you can provide tanks, heat pads and food for them! We are happy to spend some time talking to you to ensure we set up the pen in such a way that suits your small animals and offers them the best stay with us.

We stock a high quality range of dry complete food, locally grown hay & straw and fresh greens were required. You are also welcome to bring any special diets or medication that we can administer for you at no extra charge.

We do ask for our smaller residence to be up to date with all relevant vaccinations, please bring your vaccination card with you on the day of arrival.

Pet Packing List!!

  • Vaccination card – very important! We need to see this to ensure that your pet is going to be safe whilst with us! (Only where relevant)
  • Your own food – if your pet is fussy, has a sensitive tummy or is on a special diet please bring his or her food with you. We would also appreciate feeding instructions so that they are given the same as they are used to at home!
  • Medication – If your pet is on any medication please bring it with you and our knowledgeable staff can administer it for you.

Toys!!! – If your best friend has a favourite toy, please bring it with you! This helps to settle them as they have something from home (our staff also love play time with our guests!!)

Treats – If your pet has a favourite snack, please bring it along! We find that many guests enjoy a chew or denti-stick before bed!

Anything else that you feel would help to settle your pet in!!