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Our Prices


At St Giles Kennels and Cattery we pride ourselves in offering high standards of care at competitive prices. Please feel free to contact us to discuss large family bookings or long stay bookings, special quotations available on request.

Please note – Additional heating – We will be charging an extra £1 per night for each boarding pen for any customers wishing for their pets to have extra heating. We provide heating for the animals in our care via underfloor heating, wall radiators and heat lamps but some animals prefer it a bit warmer! If you feel your pet would prefer additional heating to what we provide please let us know and we will put up a heat lamp in their pen. This will only be effective over winter months November – February.

Also please note there is an additional charge if your animal is on medication.

If you collect your animal between 10am & 12pm we will not charge you for that day!

Dog Boarding Tariff 

Small dogs £15.00- per day (Jack Russell Terrier, Westie, Yorkshire Terrier)

Medium- Large dogs £15.50 per day (Spaniel, Staffie, Labrador, Golden Retriever)

Extra Large dogs £16.00 per day (Large German Shepherd, Wolfhound, Great Dane)


Cat Boarding Tariff

Single cat in suite £8.50 per day


Small Animal Tariff

Rabbits/Guinea Pigs/Chinchillas/Gerbils/Tortoises – £5.50 (per day)

Rats/Hamsters/Mice/Small rodents/Birds – £4.50 (per day)

Birds – £4.00 (per day)


NEW discount structure;

2 animals sharing a pen = 10%

3 animals sharing a pen = 15%

4 animals sharing a pen = 20%


2 animals NOT sharing a pen = 5%

3 animals NOT sharing a pen = 10%

4 animals NOT sharing a pen = 15%

If you have multiple animals and require a reduced family rate please contact us.