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Meet the Team

Jack Dip A Phys, BSc (Hons), IAAT 

Jack is one of the directors at the Centre. Jack came to St Giles in 2010 when his parents, Vanessa and Bill took over ownership. He has worked in many of the departments and previously managed the boarding kennels for 5 years before taking over the management of the Centre, mainly working from our Veterinary Clinic.

In 2019 Jack alongside his brother, Tom, took over ownership of the Centre following the retirement of their parents.

Jack is also a qualified Veterinary Physiotherapist, registered with the Association of Animal Therapists (IAAT). Jack will perform treatments on small and large animals to improve mobility and performance, he also has an interest in post-operative rehabilitation, suitable for companion and high-level athletes.

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Tom one of the Directors of the Centre, and came to St Giles when the Linnell family took ownership in 2010. Tom has spent time in many areas of the business before successfully developing and now managing our individual pet cremation service.

Tom may often be the gentleman who shows you around the Centre during boarding viewings and can help answer questions about the services we provide. 

Tom has a huge passion for rescue dogs and has lots of behavioural knowledge, he has fostered and adopted many rescues from the kennels already and is especially a huge fan or Lurchers!

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Laura, is Jack and Tom’s sister and came to work for the Centre when their parents Vanessa and Bill took over in 2010. Laura manages the Doggie Day Care Service as well as helping with the admin for the Centre. 

Laura has a passion for gun dogs, she trained the family’s working Labrador as a teenager and has subsequently gone on to train and work her 4 Working Cocker Spaniels.

Bill & Vanessa

Bill and Vanessa Linnell owned St Giles Animal Centre between 2010 and 2019. In 2010 they gave up everything (including their family home of nearly thirty years) to take over the ‘St Giles Kennels’ now know as St Giles Animal Centre.

With three of their four children they managed both St Giles Animal Centre & charity ‘St Giles Animal Rescue’ (1136251) during this time before taking much deserved retirement in 2019. Wanting to keep the Centre within the Family sons Jack and Tom have now taken ownership alongside help from their sister Laura.

Despite retirement Vanessa and Bill are still heavily involved with the Centre, with Vanessa taking the role of the ‘St Giles Animal Rescue’ charity head of fundraising and Bill still been in charge of our on-site maintenance.

Bill and Vanessa have been foster carers for thirty years. They also have an array of animals including chickens, ducks, horses, pet sheep, goats, six cats and six dogs! Vanessa is a massive ‘Doodle’ fan and currently has a Goldendoodle, a Labradoodle, a Cockapoo, a Labrador, a wire-haired dachshund and a Shepherd x Rotti!


Amanda joined the team in 2012 and started her career as an on-site animal assistant, quickly moving on onto running both the boarding and rescue offices, before progressing onto site supervisor, kennel manager and has recently progressed to Centre manager.

Amanda is remarkable with the time and patience she spends building bonds with the nervous rescue and boarding animals.

Amanda overseas the day to day running of the Centre and looks after the staff from all departments.

Amanda love of dogs doesn’t just stop at work and spends most of her free time out exploring with her West highland Terrier and little rescue Yorkiepoo who she adopted from here in 2015 after hand rearing him after he had a very poorly start in life



Dave has been with us for several years now and has completed many roles including site supervisor, day care supervisor and everything in-between!  He has now taken on the role of one of our managers at the centre, working from our Cremation department whilst helping to ensure everything runs smoothly day-to-day!

Working on our Cremation team, Dave will be there to help support customers during the most difficult times and takes great pride in taking care of your pets until you are reunited.



Amy started her in march 2016 beginning as an on-site apprentice, after 4 month she was offered the opportunity to transfer her apprenticeship into the rescue office where she went on to complete her apprenticeship and later become the Rescue Office Coordinator.

Amy has now taken a change and is now our Administration Manager at the Centre. 

 Amy always has a smile on her face and has a loving kind nature towards the nervous dogs & cats helping them to come out of their shells.


Ros is our on site animal trainer and part of our supervising team. 
she has a fantastic manner with the nervous rescue and boarding dogs and cats and is always going the extra mile to ensure their stay with us is perfect for their every need.  Ros is a qualified trainer and is offering training sessions to our customers. She has a strong passion for rescue owning her two own large breed rescues. Ros can often be found training our rescue animals giving them key skills that will help their transition into the home


Jack is one of our supervising team and since joining up in 2015 as as animal care assistance has since spent time travelling around Australia before heading back to us in 2017.   Since his return Jack has taken on the role of site supervisor. Jack generally spends his time on our boarding site and has built up wonderful bonds with many of our boarding dogs. Jack is a   friendly face who will often be the individual who comes out to collect your   animals for boarding.


Alice is another of our site supervisors who joined us as an apprentice on site in late 2017. Since completing her apprenticeship Alice has gone on to becoming a supervisor! 
Alice is full of passion and has a wonderful approach when working with both rescue and boarding animals during their time with us. 
Alice is a friendly face who will often who comes out to collect your animals for boarding. 


Grace joined the team in the summer of 2018 as an animal care assistant, with previously volunteering at the Centre. Grace has since worked in both our boarding and rescue offices, and  has a huge passion for rescue – including her two St Giles rescue lurchers Wilfy and Wally.  Grace has now taken over as the Rescue office Coordinator and assess’ animals from their arrival before finding them their new homes. 


Steve is our Boarding Office Coordinator and is often the friendly face you will see when booking in your animals for their stay, or welcoming you back when coming to collect them from their holiday with us.

Steve loves spending time with your pets during their holiday, and is always ensuring any special requirements are met during their stay with us.
Steve owns an Ex St Giles Rescue Staffy called Arnie and in his spare time can be found building up bonds with other rescues with have in that are finding Kennel life a little overwhelming .


Hayley is another of of our supervising team and since joining up in  has taken on the role of site supervisor.  Hayley has a fantastic manner with the nervous rescue and boarding dogs and cats and is always going the extra  mile to ensure their stay with us is perfect for their every need.   Hayley is a friendly face who will often be the girl who comes out to collect your  animals for boarding.


Adam has been with us since 2017 and has taken part in several departments since his arrival, including our boarding office, daycare and onsite with boarding dogs. Adam has now transited to our Cremation team and is the kind and gentle man who will often help you during those difficult times.


Leanne has been working with us since the Linnell family took over in 2010. Leanne has a huge passion for cats and small animals and is normally found down in the cattery looking after all our boarding & rescue cats. Leanne has 7 cats of her own all are rescues. Leanne also. Leanne takes great pride in looking after the cats in our care and can answer any questions about the cattery.


Joely started in the summer of 2018 as a member of our animal care assistant team, before now helping within our boarding office too!
Joely can be found seeing your pets in and out of their stay with us on Steve’s days off and during her other days she will be found working with our rescue dogs and cats.

Joely has previously spent 3 years travelling around Australia, New Zealand and Bali, working with many dogs of different circumstances during her time there including at a busy daycare in new Zealand, and helping poorly street dogs within Bali.


Amber originally came to us as a work experience in 2016 before heading back to us as an animal care assistant in 2018.
Amber has a calm gentle approach and is also experienced within small animals and currently owning her own rabbits, and ex St Giles Rescue husky ‘Misha’ who came to us after been rescued from the puppy farm


Martyna joined us in the summer of 2019 and has been helping on either our rescue or boarding site team since. Martyna has a strong love for bull breeds owning two of her own as well two cats and horses! Martyna may also be found occasionally helping on daycare team.


Chloe is one of our on-site apprentices and joined in the autumn of 2019.
She is settling in well, and has already fallen for a St Giles Rescue, Benji, a Malumute x who she hopes to be adopting soon.


Gemma is our newest member of the team and another of our on-site apprentices. Gemma hasn’t been with us long and already has started building bonds with our boarding and rescue animals.


Carole-Ann is a member of our bank staff and has trained in both our boarding office and cattery as well as helping everywhere in-between. Carole-Ann has worked previously in many rescue centres, including running rescue catteries previously. Away from work Carole-Ann has an array of animals including two British Shorthair cats and rabbits.


Lin is a new member of the boarding office team however has been a volunteer for the Charity ‘St Giles Animal Rescue’ for many years. As well as her role as office assistant helping in the boarding office Lin also has the voluntary role of homevisit coordinator.


Carly came to us as a Saturday girl in 2010 years ago and we never let her go! Following working on site Carly pursued her passion in grooming, and is now our head groomer. Carly is a qualified Stage 3 Dog Groomer who specialises in clipping and hand stripping.



Jade is our Groomer who is being trained up by our head groomer Carly, Jade has her level 2 grooming and is hoping to complete her level 3 very soon. Jade has a good eye for grooming and is somewhat a perfectionist.



Sophia is our Doggy day care manager and has worked for the Centre for a few years now. Sophia started as an Animal Care assistant, then onto working on the doggy daycare team before taking over as the Daycare manager.

Sophia has a huge love for animals and is fantastic with the day care dogs- they all love her! She can often be found having fun taking our boarding customers for their extra walks during their stays too.



Becky has now made the move across to our day care team and completing the collection and drop offs for our taunton route. Becky loves working with the dogs and is normally found either off site or in the secure off lead area playing with the dogs from day care. She has a strong bond with many of our day care dogs and is a good confidence builder! The dogs on her route always become very excited when they see her walk in to collect them in the mornings.


Carly is the newest member of the daycare team and joined the team in the summer of 2019. Carly completes the collections throughout the local villages to the centre and also assisting with any extra walks from our boarding dogs.
Carly is very experienced with dogs of all breeds and sizes and we are so happy she has joined our busy daycare team!
Outside of work Carly has a selection of animals including her own dogs, horses, cats, quails, Chickens and more!