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Dog Food

Dog FoodSt Giles now stock our own Dry Complete food. 

St Giles Own Dog Food

WallaceSt Giles adult dog food is available in Tripe, Chicken, Lamb with rice and vegetables. A complete wholesome food for all adult dogs.
Rich in natural sources of fibre, anti oxidants, vitamins and minerals including;Sodium, zinc, iron, vitamins A, D & E, also Salmon oil, glucosamine, milk thistle, kale, green lipped muscle, beetroot, seaweed. All of which are wheat free and grain free, not to mention Hypoallergenic.

Chicken & Rice: 2kg bag £3.50 / 15kg bag £18.00

Tripe: 2kg bag £3.50 / 15kg bag £18.00

Lamb: 2kg bag £3.50 15kg bag £20.00

Salmon and Potato (wheat free): 2kg bag £3.50 / 15kg £22.00

Forthglade – £1 per tray or £18.00 per box

Dog Treats

Roast Knucle Bones  –  £2 each

Pigs Ears  –  £1 each

Pick n Mix (Gravy & Chicken Bones & Markies)  –  £2 a bag

Natures Menu-320x248

We are now stockists for Natures Menu Raw food  

Go too for information on feeding raw to your pets.

What we have in stock in our boarding office is:

The County Hunter Range 1KG at £3.95 each 

Venison & Blueberry

Rabbit & Cranberry

Duck & Plum

Salmon & Raspberry

Complete & Balanced Nuggets 1KG at £3.45 each


Beef,Veg & Rice



Lamb,Veg & Rice

Tripe, Veg & Rice


Minced Meat 400G 

All Beef – £1.10

Beef & Tripe – £1.10

Chicken & Rabbit – £1.10

Chicken – 99p

Chicken & Tripe – £1.10

Lamb & Chicken – £1.10

Tripe – £1.19

For our full range please pop in and see us or give us a call