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Dog Boarding

PLEASE NOTE: Our online booking system is currently down please email to get your animals booked in 

Our dog boarding kennel blocks have recently been revamped to ensure that they are light, airy and easy to clean! All of our blocks are double-glazed and each kennel is individually heated when needed, and we also have underfloor heating. To create a calm atmosphere, we play soft, gentle music in all of our blocks. We have both individual and family kennels to suit all needs. We believe that you should be relaxed and happy whilst on holiday; and that is what we aim to provide for your dog as well! We understand that animals are a part of the family, which is why we go the extra mile to provide a loving and safe environment for your pet’s holiday.

We have a special quiet block!

This block is specifically for older dogs, puppies, nervous dogs or dogs who have never been kennelled before. It is a lot quieter than the regular boarding kennels and has special screens between the kennels for more privacy. Please give our office a call to come and have a look for yourself! Please note, this block is very popular and spaces are limited, so please book early to avoid disappointment.

Dogs are housed in different blocks according to size and we have kennels to suit every breed.

Every kennel has an individual bedroom area and an outside covered run. We provide every canine friend with vet-bed and blankets to ensure that their stay with us is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. We try our best to make sure that every stay is a home from home experience and we encourage you to bring toys and treats from home. Our staff love to spend time in the kennel playing with the dogs, so please advise us of their favourite toy, we can accept hard toys, chews, and treats in, just not soft or squeaky toys!

Food and Feeding Times

At St. Giles Kennels, we also endeavour to keep your canine friend on the same diet that he or she is used to at home. We stock our own dry complete mix of dry feed and premium meat. Usually we feed twice a day but we are very flexible. If your pooch is used to one large afternoon meal we can accommodate for them. Similarly, some puppies and older dogs prefer to have three smaller meals spread out over the course of the day which we can also sort out. If your dog is a grazer, please don’t worry! We are happy to leave a bowl of food with them until they are ready to eat! As many of our staff have multiple dogs at home, we also understand the rivalry which can occur within families so we have the facility to be able to separate them at meal times. If your canine friend is on a special diet, is a little fussy or has a sensitive tummy, you are more than welcome to bring in the food he or she is used to having at home.

Our Countryside Surroundings


Because of our beautiful location, staff at St Giles are able to offer different walks tailored to your dogs’ personal needs and exercise levels. The kennels back onto Sedgemoor drove which provides a lovely circuit walk, 95 % off road. We also have quiet roads for those who are used to road walking, and recently developed is our purpose built compound area which is completely enclosed, allowing us to have a safe area in which to allow dogs off lead.

Doggie Day Care

We also can offer an extra walk while your dog is with us. The day care team will come and collect your dog from the kennel and take them off site for 1-2 hours, where they can have time away from the kennel environment and enjoy an extra walk. There is an additional charge of £10 per walk, so if this is something you would like for your dog then please let us know.


Owners, Bill and Vanessa live on site which provides added security to your pet whilst you are away. We have also installed a CCTV system which can be monitored from Vanessa and Bill’s home and the main reception.

Keeping in touch

We welcome you to call when you are away to find out how your pet is getting on! We also have our own Facebook page, which allows us to put up pictures of your pet out on walks and enjoying kennel time with staff. You are also more than welcome to e-mail us while you are away to find out how your pet is getting on. Our aim is to make owners feel as comfortable as our guests do!

On Site Veterinary Practice

For peace of mind, we have now opened our own practice here on site, St Giles Animal Clinic, which can be contacted on 01823 490433. Throughout your pet’s stay, they will also be covered by NFU Mutual insurance for up to £500 per animal (please note: this excludes pre-existing conditions).

Vaccinations and Kennel Cough

We ask that all dogs are up-to-date with their regular yearly vaccines and also the Kennel Cough Vaccine. These vaccines protect your dogs and others around them. Ideally the Kennel Cough vaccine should be given at least a week before coming into the boarding kennels.

Drop off and Collection Times

We are open between 10am-12pm and 2pm-5pm of which you can drop your dog off anytime between then. On your day of collection, again you can collect anytime between our opening times, but, if you collect before 12 midday then there will be no charge for that day.

We can offer 8:30am drop off’s scheduled by appointment!

If needed collection and delivery can be organised at the time of booking. there would be an additional cost of 75p per mile.

Shih Tzu X clip

Grooming and Bathing (MOT)

While your dog is with us if you would like them to be pampered before they come home then please let us know. We have an MOT which includes a bath, nail cut and an ear clean. We can also clip, scissor or hand strip your dog whilst he or she is staying with us. Please refer to our grooming section for prices and let us know when you drop your dog off if this is something you would like them to have.

 Pet Packing List!!

  • Vaccination card – very important! We need to see this to ensure that your dog is going to be safe whilst with us!
  • Your own food – if you’re pet is fussy, has a sensitive tummy or is on a special diet please bring his or her food with you. We would also appreciate feeding instructions so that they are given the same as they are used to at home!
  • Medication – If your pet is on any medication please bring it with you and our knowledgeable staff can administer it for you.
  • Your dog’s lead – We often find that our guests behave better if they are walked with what they are used to at home, e.g. If you use a halti or harness, we can use it when we take him or her out for a walk here too.
  • Bedding – We supply all bedding and beds for the dogs within our care.
  • Toys – we can accept accept your dogs hard toys to stay with them during there stay – we do advise there is a possibility these may go missing so please ensure these are not their favorites!
  • Treats – If your pet has a favourite snack, please bring it along! We find that many guests enjoy a chew or denti-stick before bed!

Anything else that you feel would help to settle your pet in!!