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Community Care Pet Project

Community Care Pet Project

We know you are worried about the wider impact of Covid-19; how you and your extended family will cope looking after pets whilst ill.

Our team, at St Giles Animal Centre, are going to help as much as we can in supporting you and your loved ones during this difficult time by putting together a ‘Community Pet Project’ that will help with:

Community Care Pet Project
  • NHS staff discount
  • FREE calming and massage techniques for your pet
  • FREE enrichment ideas | pet games for your feline and canine friends
  • Over-the-phone training tips
  • Individual Dog Walking Service
  • Veterinary consult advice over the phone
  • FREE nurse consults over the phone
  • Medication delivery
  • Doggie daycare and day boarding, we collect and drop home!
  • Pet collection and deliveries for boarding bookings, grooming, and veterinary appointments
  • Discount for boarding on those hospitalised; over 60s – 60% discount, over 80s – 80% discount off boarding until the end of April
  • Local delivery service for all St Giles own branded dog food

Looking after the health, safety, and wellbeing of animals is what we do and if we can help you and your furry family, we’ll do our very best.

For more information call us on: 01823 490333 or email

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