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Cat Boarding

PLEASE NOTE: Our online booking system is currently down please email to get your animals booked in 

Our cattery has just undergone a complete refurbishment to ensure that all of our suites are comfortable and easy to clean. We work to a very high standard which enables us to provide the best level of care for your favorite feline!!

Each individual suite has been designed with our guests at the forefront of any plans. The raised sleeping area is fully insulated, providing a warm and cosy environment. Inside the sleeping section, we provide heated igloo’s which allow cats to snuggle up and relax in comfort. Knowing how clean cats tend to be, we leave their litter trays on a lower level so that they have a separate living space.

Each suite also has an enclosed run area in which our residents love to play with toys! Don’t worry if you forget to bring your own, we have a great collection of favourites to choose from! All of our suites have a stunning view over the tranquil stream, with all sorts of animals to keep an eye on through the day; from ducks splashing around in the water, to the donkey braying in the garden! All of these sights and sounds help to stimulate our residents while they are staying with us, also allowing fresh air into the cattery at all times.

Your cats’ health is paramount to us. We ensure that all of our suites are cleaned to an exceptionally high standard every day. We also have sneeze barriers between the suites and an isolation section. We ask that all of our customers are up to date with their annual vaccinations and to please bring the vaccination certificate from their vets with them on the day of arrival.

Feeding time!

When it comes to feeding, we are very flexible! We usually feed cats twice a day, normally at around 8.30 am and then again at around 4pm. In the morning we feed a selection of top quality meat; and in the afternoon dried biscuits are served! We usually leave the biscuits down for your cat to enjoy at his or her own pace. We are however, happy to feed to your requirements. If your furry friend has a sensitive stomach or is a little picky, you are welcome to bring their favourite snack along with them! Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff are always happy to administer any medication at no extra cost.

Our residents also benefit from one-on-one time with our caring staff. Plenty of play time and cuddles are given to all of our guests to help them settle in. We also play soft, gentle music throughout the cattery to create a calming ambiance.

We are able to accommodate both individual cats and families. We have larger cattery suites which have plenty of space for multiple cats. Please give us a call to discuss your individual needs or if you would like to come and have a look around the cattery.

Collection and Pick-up is also available. If you would like your pets to come and stay with us but transport is an issue then we can come and collect them from your home and drop them back home when you return. We charge 0.75p per mile for this service. If this is something you require then please mention this at time of booking so we can get it arranged.

Pet Packing List!!

  • Vaccination card – very important! We need to see this to ensure that your pet is going to be safe whilst with us!
  • Your own food – if your pet is fussy, has a sensitive tummy or is on a special diet please bring their food with you. We would also appreciate feeding instructions so that they are given the same as they are used to at home!
  • Medication – If your pet is on any medication please bring it with you and our knowledgeable staff can administer it for you.
  • Toys! – If your best friend has a favourite hard toys, please bring it with you! We cannot accept any soft or squeaky toys. This helps to settle them as they have something from home (our staff also love play time with our guests!)
  • Treats – If your pet has a favourite snack, please bring it along!

Anything else that you feel would help to settle your pet in!