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Cat Accessories

Cat-accessoriesCat Scratching Post is covered with tough corded carpet with a plastic ball to encourage natural scratching behaviour. Starting from £12.99

Simple stainless steel dog bowl can be used for either food or water, easy washable and long lasting. Starting from £2.50

A good sized Cat Litter Tray, deep tray that allows for easy use and disposal. Not all cats like covered litter boxes and this deep tray is also good for catching flyaway litter. Suitable for rabbits as well. Starting from £2.50

The Kong Cat combines an internal rattle, crackling material and a fluffy, snugly texture to keep your cat entertained over and over again! In different shapes starting from only £3.00

Vet bed to keep animals warm and cosy. Inhibits dust mites ideal bedding for any pet that suffers from skin problems or allergies. Don’t wait for skin problems avoid them! Continual use will help prevent re-occurrence of skin problems. The only pet bedding that combats house dust mites. Machine washable. Stays cleaner for longer.

ONLY £15 per square metre (while stocks last)